Green Tomatoes


25# box of green tomatoes. Sliced them on our tomato slicer (or meat slicer) and layered them with salt in a 22 qt container. I poured the water that leeched form the tomato’s off twice. They lost about half of their mass overnight, went from almost 20 qts to about 10 qts. We used quart jars instead of pints and ended up with about 10 -12 quarts, I believe. I filled the jars to the neck with tomato and peppers, I sliced my peppers and probably used 1-2 whole peppers per jar. I also took a couple of jars and put whole garlic cloves in them to see how that works. Then I filled them with vinegar and sealed them up. Kept them upside down overnight and then flipped them back over to store.

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