Aunt Olie’s Recipe Chicken Enchiladas, May Walker

(she says this recipe makes 6-8 large tortillas)

A bag of flour tortillas (can use larger size and then cut in half or I prefer the smaller size)

1 can cream of celery soup

1 can cream of chicken soup

16 oz sour cream

1 can chopped green chilis

4 chicken breasts (boil with celery seed, cumin, coriander, garlic, onion salt and pepper)

1 large onion, chopped

2 cups  shredded monterey jack cheese

1/2 t. cumin

 **Spray pyrex with pam

Cut cooked, cooled chicken breast into bite size pieces

Combine 1 cup cheese, onion, HALF of the sour cream, 1/2 t. cumin and salt and pepper to taste.  Take half of this and put into separate bowl (you will use it later for the sauce).

Add 2 soups, green chilis, and chicken to other half of mixture and mix together.  Fill the tortillas and roll; place in pyrex dish

Add remaining sour cream to sauce and spread on top of tortillas; sprinkle remaining cup of cheese on top.

Bake at 350 until hot and bubbly (uncovered)

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